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04 February 2011 @ 07:11 pm
I' m alive in case anyone was worried or anything but getting the motivation to write entries has been quite hard lately. I have been going to class since the 10th it took 2 1/2 weeks to get over my jet lag though. We've had three snow storms here with a total of 26 inches of snow having fallen since Dec most of it within the past two weeks. Right now there is about 8-10 inches of snow on the ground now. Even though we've had killer snow storms I've only had 3 days off from school one was only cause my teacher couldn't get out of her driveway. Park sucks balls.

Currently the classes I have are
2D- elementary crap that I already know so everything is tediously boring. Like tanagrams. :/

Drawing- New models, Yay! No Mark with his stick poses. Plus I get to talk to Valerie again even though Oswald Cobblepot's daughter is there but she is in the Art teacher program so that's good for her cause she is a talentless hack. Surprisingly there are a bunch of guys in our class and in the morning class as well last year there was only 3.

Ceramics-Technically I am supposed to be working on the wheel but since my show is this year I want to make the pieces for my show first then wheel stuff. This is because I suck royally at the wheel so I want to have good work to put in my show which is all molding or coil work. Right now I am making clocks for Kelly and Kerry for their birthday, Kelly's is coming along well Kerry's is a pain in my side twice I molded something out that didn't work so now I am going to have to coil out that one entirely too. I also plan on making a dragon fountain once I get the money to buy the pump and wire.

Independent Study/Senior Seminar- Mainly I'll be doing the same thing in these classes which is getting together stuff for my Senior Show Apr 4th-13th. I am doing 3 paintings for the show along with the painting my Aunt wanted me to do. I am going to do a Couture and a Ready to Wear design using the same thing as inspiration to show my fashion design field. Also I want to (kidnap) recruit someone as my dress up doll to show my styling skills and then to photograph them. But most of the work in my show will focus on Japan and my time there.

On the real life front I have been trying to find a job and so far no good. It wouldn't be so bad but with all the tediousness of filling out applications online and on paper along with my mom pestering me it tends to get annoying. My dad vetoed my idea of asking my family to see if they wanted to commission me to make something for them or to sponsor a painting or photograph being framed/matted/printed. So I have really nothing to use for my show whic I had wanted to get an early start on but nope.

Anyway there is an update, hopefully the next time I post I will have a job or at least some money.
12 October 2010 @ 10:38 am
Started Tuesday the 28th

Well it's been about half a week into my fall break, so far I haven't done much more than sleep. I hope to get at least a few finished pieces done since Donna finally emailed me but I had to remail all the stuff I had sent her before so I could get feed back.

I am finished with the fall semester here of my language course the next session starts up the 12th and if everything goes as planned I will be going into the 3rd level class. Hopefully I will be put into the morning class that way I can get more stuff done this fall. Though the waking up early will be a hassle at least after class I now have time to go to museums and can avoid spending money going out with people.

Going out isn't all that bad but after a while it drains the wallet. I went out a few times with my classmates which was fun cause it helps me practice my Japanese. Me and Nathan think we lucked out in our class with everyone getting along and wanting to hang out with each other. I think the outing with them that I liked the best would have to be when we went for Korean bar-b-Que down in Shinokubo. It kinda sucks that I may not see my classmates next semester since I may be in the morning but I think it is better for me. Plus I will be able to see them when KCP has school stuff, from what I have heard there are 2 bus trips and a bar-b-Que.

Usually I have been going out with Rachel, Bryan, Mary and Whitney but we usually go to The Hub which is good causes we all pay for our own stuff. But there portion sizes are small so nothing is that filling so you have to buy more in order to fill up. But I enjoy our conversations, most have been rants about the grading system where you get marked down for the littlest things. There are only about 10 of us Americans left until the 7th when the new group comes in. It's nice but sadly to say I hope a certain somebody doesn't come back from her vacation in America. There is only so much complaining one can take and really another 3 months of it, I may snap. But if she stays at least I will get some peace by being in the morning.

I am going to down to Nagoya to visit everyone from the 1st to the 7th where I will be staying with Alyssa. When she has her days off we are going to go to Shirakawago, a farm village in the mountains that is a Japanese national heritage site. I am thinking of getting some more sketches done at the Port and the Aquarium, but most of my time will be spent hanging out with Alyssa and Amanda as well as trying to find a cheap coat and shoes at the thrift stores there. I am planning on going to the post office and Don Quote tomorrow then on Thursday I am thinking about going to the National Museum but I am still not sure cause that is the day my bus leaves, it's not until 10:30pm but I am not sure.

Anyway in stuff that I have done and have been procrastinating about writing about here goes in quick form sort of.
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And that was my summer trips I will get to the fall trips entry as soon as I can and I will try not to let life get the better of me. But here are the photos from everything including the fall trips so if you want to look ahead go on it's okay with me.

25 September 2010 @ 03:25 am
Here is the class mate cheat sheet even though in two weeks I will have all new classmates. But Rachel, Brian, Mary and maybe(I am hoping for no) Whitney will be with through next fall too.

First off my language class then the US students and I stole most photos from facebook. Read more...Collapse )

I am working on the entry, finishing it and artwork are my goals for these upcoming two weeks.
05 September 2010 @ 06:02 am
Still alive just have gotten around to writing an entry about my vacation and trips since I am still uploading the photos to facebook. But facebook and I have a love hate relationship it seems cause it is taking forever.

Anyway this has been going throuh my head these past few days, darn Perfume and their catchy tunes.

04 August 2010 @ 08:40 am
New entries here- http://nippon-exposure.blogspot.com/

So Aunt Linda requested that I translate my Japanese speech into English even though it is going to sound very simple and I mean very simple, I talk like an elementary schooler. But anyway here you go, enjoy.

The Beautiful People of the World

What do you think makes a beautiful person beautiful? Depending on where you live those things may be different. Because the world has so many people living in it people's thoughts and culture aren't the same. Therefore there are various thoughts about why beautiful people are beautiful. For example India, American and Japan.

In India the heart and spirit is more important than materialistic things. Indian women always wear brightly colored clothes for there curvaceous figures. Most of the famous women have long dark hair. But the younger generation are beginning to think that pale skin and thin figures are better.

In America thoughts on beauty are always changing. When I was a child it was popular to be blond and thin. In America there are curvaceous, cheerful and elegant types of beauty. But now the popular thing is to be tan.

Japan and India's thought I think a little similar. Both think long black hair and pale skin are beautiful. But in India a cheerful and bright person is thought to be beautiful while in Japan a quiet person is thought to be beautiful.

Having so many types of beautiful people makes the world an interesting place. However beauty on the outside is different everywhere while what is beautiful on the inside is the same everywhere. If a person has a kind and gentle heart then that person is a truly beautiful person in my opinion.
02 August 2010 @ 12:04 pm
The next day I woke up before 7 for a little bit because of sunlight but that was taken care of by throwing my sweater over my face, then again because I was text at 6:45am. I decided to get dressed and make my way down to the breakfast buffet which would have been better if the eggs were cooked all the way but since they weren't I just ate cereal, rice and fruit. Once breakfast was over Rachel, Whitney and I went to the hotel store mainly cause there was time and I needed to get new batteries since the batteries in both of my cameras had died. I blame the median. Anyway to my surprise the souvenirs in the hotel were cheapest even more so than those at the rest stops, so I got a phone strap that matched my stickers on my phone and a ceramic cup. Afterwards I grabbed the key to the room then me and Whitney packed up our stuff, met everyone in the lobby then got onto the bus again. Luck was on my side this time allowing me the two seats to myself which I took the opportunity to sleep, somewhat comfortably.

Our first stop on day two for the blue bus was Aizu Bukke-yashiki the residence of Tanomo Saigou the chief retainer for Aizu. Here Tanomo lived until the start of the Boshin War in 1868 where the Samurai of Aizu, who were sided with the Tokugawa shogunate, fought against those who were on the side of those who wanted to restore the imperial power. What is widely known about Bukke-yashiki is that when the Aizu force was defeated the women of the Saigou family fearing capture at the hands of the opposing forces all committed seppuku (ritual suicide). The scene is depicted in the manor with mannequins because while they had all committed seppuku one had not completed the ritual and when an opposing warrior stormed in she asked that if he was an ally to finish it for her. He graciously did. There are other parts of the mansion that are interesting like the lavatory that has sand underneath as well as a little cart that was able to be taken out so that doctors could judge the health of the samurai.

I enjoyed the walk through the mansion because I decided to hang out in back that way there wouldn't be people in my pictures. :p Therefore it made my trek a nice tranquil one, I think I was able to get some nice photos of the grounds too. There was also an archery range that was fun but the Japanese way of holding bows and arrows is a lot different from the western way so I kinda sucked at it. There was also a stone bowl that they were using as a fish bowl with three goldfish in it that I think I got some interesting pictures of. I didn't really get anything from the shop content with my photos but outside I bought a peach since they are so much better outside of Tokyo, cheaper too. Plus I hadn't had much for breakfast, I forgot I did get one thing a little 100yen pin that they have in every travel locale. Each place has different ones and usually it is a set of 6 or 8 I have some from my first trip of Nara, Asakusa, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto.
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25 July 2010 @ 10:12 am
Well let me start off saying I was right and they did pick my speech therefore I added more on to it and rewrote somethings. However tomorrow I have to meet up with my teacher in order to practice reading and to try and explain what I meant to say at certain points. Plus she told me I was using too big of words for a second year, it's not my fault your don't have small words for curvy and cosmetic surgery. :p

This weekend I didn't do much of anything since my heels are still a bit swollen from the trip last weekend. Which was not as bad as I thought it was pretty fair over all. Though NUFS I think has much better trips but I think that's cause they have more money and the experience doing them.

Before talking about the trip I will give you some info about some of my classmates. Nathan is the only other westerner in my language class, he is from Wyoming but goes to school in Seattle and he is always good for a laugh. He usually hangs out with Daniel and Ben since they all live in the same dorm which is the farthest from the school. There are the three girls who live in the Ikebukuro dorm Kat, Kate and Meg all of who are in level one Japanese. There is Chein who was alright at first but the more I talk to her them more my opinion of her dwindles. It's mainly cause she keeps saying things that a spoiled little princess would say or demand. Like her not asking but telling me that I would be showing her around Akihabara. :/ Yeah no. Whitney is nice and all but she is very naive and young in her thinking for her being close to my age acting like a high schooler half the time gets to be a bit bothersome.

I spend most of my time with Rachel who I had emailed a little before we arrived here. She will be studying for the same amount of time that I will, so that is nice cause the majority of the others I talked about above will leave by the end of September. On this trip I learned that Rachel also likes Johnny's more specifically NEWS which is nice but I don't think I would be able to join her when they have there concert here in September. Mainly cause I want to do things that I haven't done before like travel to new places so my money will go to that
Anyway the trip started off with me waking up at six in the morning grabbing my stuff and heading to the station in order to get to the school before 7:30. I got there with more than enough time and the first thing that is said to me is 'You know you are going to have to carry that around all day don't you?' from Chein talking about my rolling carry-on suitcase....As I said my opinion of her keeps going down now if she said it like a normal person that she didn't think they would let us keep our stuff on the bus maybe it wouldn't have pissed me off. I ignored it and just went to grab a drink and do my business since there wouldn't be a bathroom on the bus and the first stop wasn't for an hour. I was on the blue bus along with all the other summer term students I lucked out by having an open seat next to me at least for a while until after the first rest stop when another girl, who I later learned is named Marissa, sat next to me for the rest of the trip. Which wasn't too bad until she started to agitate my bubble then later on she threw up into the doggie bags for everyone which was such as great thing to smell.

The bus ride was similar to all the other bus rides in Japan I've been on, once out of the city you actually get some nature. Which sadly half the time you can't see cause there is a huge wall on top of the median so as soon as you take out the camera to take a photo the median is back. I tried to get some sleep but after awhile my neck protested too much. Also the teachers on the bus made us play little games which just solidified my opinion that this was a fifth grade field trip. The games were tongue twisters, word scrambles with katakana, jan ken pon (rock paper scissors), animal sounds, and try and guess what animal the teacher was trying to draw. The last one was hard because the teacher couldn't draw to save his life and his dog looked like a giraffe/deer.

Our first actual stop for the trip was Ouchijuku a former post along an Edo trade route, the village restored it's appearance to the time of the edo period having all electric wires buried underground. When we got there the weather looked like rain and as soon as we got out of the bus it started but it was the usual 'God blowing a raspberry rain' so I wasn't bothered. I made my way first through the village down the main road taking a few photos but trying to get up to the mountain as quick as possible since we were only there for a short time. I made my way through and was amused that to keep the Ramune(a type of drink) they sold cold they left them in crates that they placed in the canals on either side of the street letting the water run over them. I got to the top where you get a great view of the village, took some pictures then made my way back down and strolled through the shops. I managed to find a set of post cards that I liked because they were colored paintings of the village. I found them after wandering in and an old lady offered me some tea which even though I didn't like it I drank it, turned and saw the cards. I also got a phone charm that is a ceramic bell with maple leaves painted on it. After paying I talked with the owner who had complimented me on my Japanese but I then had to explain that I had a long way to go and I was rusty from not studying it for two years. By that time the rain actually turned to rain and I had to get back to the bus, now I don't really mind rain but fact that the road was sand and I was in sandals was not comfortable. But once I got back onto the paved road I dipped my feet in the canals to get the sand out of my shoes.

After the village our next stop was the Lacquer Workshop, Japanese lacquer is very famous for the fact that it is long lasting and beautifully painted. They make a guarantee that the lacquer goods will last for 100 years if kept in the right conditions and due to this even something small is ridiculously expensive, gorgeous but expensive. We got a tour of the workshop which is just three rooms that are like gerbil cages were you can see inside but the real problem was no central air so it was hot and there were some pretty strong fumes. The tour took at most 15 minutes and then everyone went to the shop but since everything was expensive most people bought small stuff like chop sticks or in my case nothing.

We made our way back on the bus and on to the hotel, on the way we passed a huge statue (that you can go inside) of the goddess Kannon, goddess of mercy, if you think of a giant statue of the Virgin Mary that would be what it looked like. We found the hotel, which was a bunch of different buildings that were all connected. Obviously we were in the roach motel side, and I mean roach motel, the hallways were covered in Astroturf. We had to share rooms with two other people, I had Meg and Whitney, the room had a bathroom, bath, small kitchen, a 9'' TV, an rotating fan, two rusty red corduroy couches that were hard as rocks, and a tatami room. I took the tatami to sleep in cause there was no way I was staying in the living room since it looked like the locale for a horror movie.

The hotel had a buffet style dinner and breakfast session that were included, though we had to wait around for an hour or so before we could eat. Once we were able to eat it was amusing, cause as always when there is a huge group of foreigners you just get stared at, I even saw one of the dads take a picture of us. The food was good I had two helpings of yakisoba and gyoza with some rice, grapes and dim sum. Afterwards I talked with a group of people in the lobby and found out one of the summer short term girls is from St. Louis. We hit it off obviously.

Since there was no way I was going to go to the study session the teachers set up, I mean really it's a culture trip if your going to make us learn make it be culture, I wanted to go to the onsen. Now Japan being made by volcanoes they have many natural hot springs called onsens. There are many types of hot springs some that are man made then some that are completely natural. The main purpose of a hot springs is to just go and relax in a nice hot bath. Now most westerners are a little wary of hot springs cause you are taking a a bath with a bunch of strangers. I don't have a problem with it, the baths are separated between men and women and it's nothing nobody has ever seen before, plus some of the onsen especially the outdoor ones are amazingly landscaped and designed. When you go, you go into the changing room to leave your clothes , then you enter the onsen where they have sometimes separated shower stalls sometimes not where you go to clean off (this is the most important part of going to an onsen), shampoo, conditioner and soap are provided for you. Once you have washed yourself twice you can go into the baths sometimes there is just one but bigger onsens will have more pools for you to soak in. The normal temperature is about 41 degrees C so that's about 105 degrees F.

So while I wanted to go to the onsen Rachel was hesitant so was Chein but she said her reason was she didn't want to see all the other students naked. Which is frustrating to me since one of the big rules is you don't look at the other people in the bath with you cause it is rude. Believe it is possible to go to an onsen and not give any thought to the fact you're all naked.

Anyway I actually ended up going with the girl from St. Louis, whose name I never got which makes me fell bad cause I was with her in the onsen for about four hours. It wasn't continuous because we first went to the indoor onsen and hung out there talking, about music, life and dramas. Then when we heard there was another onsen one that was outdoors we went to find it to take a look, one look and we decided to go in. The onsen was on the roof enclosed like a gazebo with fake ivy wrapped around everything towards 10pm more of the summer short term girls showed up and it was fine but slowly the Japanese women vanished. Which is a very common experience for me at least. Around 11:30 we left the onsen since it would close soon, we separated and I went back to my room set up my bed then went to sleep around midnight since we had to be up by 7 in the morning for breakfast.

Now this is just one day of my trip there is still more but I will write that later considering I have to wake up early to talk to my teacher then go to my co-curricular class followed by a grammar test and then pronunciation test in my language class. So wish me luck and goodnight.
20 July 2010 @ 04:20 am
I really should have just wrote a speech about my hobby instead of the The Beautiful People of the World now I have to read it in front of the whole school.

Oh well. Now since this is a competition I am rewriting parts and adding so what is considered beautiful in India, America and Japan?

I have some ideas but if you all can add to it the better my speech and then maybe I can win. ^.^v
13 July 2010 @ 08:25 am
So far I have been here in Japan for nearly three weeks, where the first week was getting used to the time change the next two weeks getting used to my language school. Which I have to say is extremely different when compared to NUFS and I am still not entirely sure about the school.

I do have to say they do have more foreign students but no Japanese students what so ever to really practice with native speakers. There are about 400 students with I'd say 100 from the US the rest are mostly from Korea and China with a few people from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. I've gone through one orientation after another each one tediously long as well as boring. Especially the opening/welcoming ceremony that had four people give speeches where each one was then translated into Chinese, Korean, English and Thai. BTW Thai sounds really weird at least I think it does. The majority of the orientations and the excursions that I will be going to/ have gone are with the summer session group, which I think there is only one who is staying with me to fall which is alright cause she seems fairly nice. I've been glad for the guys in the group since they usually do or say something that gets everyone laughing.

I tested into the 200 levels but I didn't study what so ever for the placement test since I want to review while I am here and by review I mean writing Kanji. But it is odd because in my class of about 19 or 20 people the only westerners in it are Nathan and me everyone else is from some other Asian country. It's odd because all the Asian kids at NUFS were in the 500, 600 levels was a little unsettling in the beginning but it's been easy to overcome. So far everyone seems pretty nice though I have to do a conversation practice with the guy from Vietnam whose accent is horrible :/ but I know I can at least do well not so sure about him though.

We had to write a speech, the second day of class :(, where each class is to pick one person to read their speech to the whole school. I really hope they don't pick mine cause, one it wasn't even finish with a conclusion (cause I wanted to go home and they wouldn't let us leave until we finished), plus I really don't want to do it but my theme was a lot different and more complicated than everyone else's. The World's Beautiful People vs My Hobby or My Country, I may have screwed myself cause we gave points to everyone today, while they read the speeches aloud, out of 10 and the girl next to me gave me a 9... :/ not good.

Also my big problem is the fact that my classes are from 1:30 to 4:45 so once I get home around 5:30 I'm tired as all get out. It also throws off my whole plan of going to class then afterwards going and doing my artwork. I've only been able to sketch someone at the kabuki show we went to even then it wasn't even one of the actors it was the woman, who I think was a maiko (geisha in training) considering her hairstyle, that was sitting a few rows in front of me. Cause as always students are in the nosebleed section no matter which school you go with, but I was pissed to learn that usually they go to see a Bunraku (wooden puppets) show but they chose Kabuki this time. I'd much rather have gone to the Bunraku since I haven't seen it before and I think it is more interesting as compared to Kabuki.

This weekend we are going for a two day bus trip to Aizu in Fukushima prefecture which may be fun if the school doesn't suck all the fun out by being insanely strict. This school doesn't even let us drink or eat in the classroom or the lobby, which practically is a garage nothing of importance there just concrete. On this trip once we get to the hotel at 6:30 pm we are not allowed to leave the hotel without the teachers or their permission they claim it's cause the hotel is off in the boonies so they don;t want to lose us. I think they just don't trust us which is sad at least for me cause I could have gone exploring around the nearby lake. They decided to have a study session from 8 to 10 on Saturday evening so we're supposed to bring our textbooks and notes with us on trip but I think if I can;t escape I will just watch TV or something. We leave this Saturday at 7:30 am which is crazy since the trains don't even start up till 6 and even most Japanese people are still asleep, and we don't even get to pick who we room with but considering they're keeping my group together I most likely will room with girls that I know. But this is crazy cause it seems as if we are being treated as though we are high schoolers and not adults because the majority of us are over 20.

In non school news my point and shoot digital camera broke, well it still works but it has decided that focusing on something is a unnecessary function. So I get to buy that, my cellphone and a train pass all of which separately aren't so bad but together take out a good chunk of my funds. At least with the phone and camera I can use a credit card. I am now trying to figure out which one to pick Olympus or Nikon, one with lots of colors or not really, more money but international guarantee so many choices. I haven't really bought anything for myself besides post cards cause they're cheap and easy to take home plus they're really cute. Then there have been the times when I've had a rough day like today and I reward myself with a treat from Mochi Cream in the form of their Double Mango mochi. I've also lucked out with my apartment because the English channels I get are CNN, Discovery, Nat Geo, Animal Planet, MTV and the History channel which are the best ones in my opinion. So it keeps me occupied when it is rainy outside.

Anyway I think I am going to take a nap so I can talk to my mom later tonight, then tomorrow I will pick up my phone and camera then it's off to school again. Here's hoping they pick someone else's speech.

Also should I join the Newspaper Club as a photographer or should I take the Calligraphy class? Both are the the same day same time. Also here is the link to the travel blog.

28 June 2010 @ 06:56 am
Well I got to Chicago for my visa and to Tokyo just fine. Though from just staying in Chicago a day I have realized there is no way I would live in downtown Chicago with all the sirens and car horns. I got back Tuesday evening and then went to my Grandma's to have a going away party as well as a birthday thing for my mom. Everyone showed up, and even though I was tired it was nice. I went home and threw in my last minute stuff before waking up Wednesday to head back up to the airport to make my way to Tokyo.

I am dissapointed though in American Airlines for not having any free outlets so that you can charge your electronics. :/ I went from KC to Dallas then straight into Tokyo, the Tokyo flight wasn't too bad I got to watch How to train your dragon and Clash of the titans. Then when I wasn't able to sleep cause my back andd ribs kept protesting I played the video games they had. Such as Battleship, Memory game, Tetris (manged to get to level seven), Solitaire and then Hangman that while easy at times it managed to stump me with MARATHON and SPARROW. Also it claimed the Salad was a vegetable...I'm sorry but salad does not grow out of the ground as salad, there is no such thing as a salad farm.

I got into Tokyo around 3pm, it took a little less than an hour to get through customs and exchange my money. Since I had two large suitcases I opted to taking the bus to Tokyo station and then a taxi from there to my apartment. I'm pretty sure I pulled something just getting the luggage across the street to the taxi.

I arrived at the apartment got all my stuff together, I had tried to stay awake but I went to bed round 8 only to get sick and stay sick for a long while. I managed to get in some sleep at sporatic one to two hour intervals until finally I did manage to get some decent sleep. Since then it has been better but not ideal I still have an odd sleep schedule but at least now I can eat solid foods though it's nothing more than fruit, rice and water.

I'm on my own until the 5th when my language school starts but I don't think I will do much since I already am low on funds. Plus it is far too hot to be outside when you don't really have to.

For those that are curios here is a tour of my apartment.

02 June 2010 @ 12:56 pm
Dear Park Finaid department,

Fuck you.

Who are you to cap my finaid? Not even allowing me to get a private loan because it'll be an education loan and we can't have that.

I get that my budget is big, yeah, but guess what I'M LIVING IN MOTHER FUCKING TOKYO, JAPAN. It's expensive. And telling me that the rest of my budget is for recreation and miscellaneous things is bullshit. You are dumb if you think art and school suplies as well as transportation in and around Tokyo(which includes to and from school) are frivolous reasons.

No love from me especially since I can't contact my mother about everything since she is in Costa Rica and won't be back till monday.

Also if you fuck me over for spring, my final semester, so help me god I will make your life a living nightmare.

Sincerly the one who you are giving ulcers to,

25 May 2010 @ 10:33 pm
Okay so here are a list of words that I think may work when put together for the name of my travel blog. Preferably more than one word but still simple and catchy. If you can figure out a name without the words on this list that's fine just leave it in a comment. Or if the word list sparks something, I'm open to whatever.

Tokyo Relic route beyond Japan Dimensions destination exposure

Edo(former name of Tokyo) Journey composition adventure Nippon(Japan)

Vortex Contrast Galore Bijutsu(Fine Arts) Revolution Medium Ryokou(travel)

Musings Perspective Bouken(adventure) Imagination Portrait Tappuri(galore)

Hub Style Tabi(Journey) Voyage Visual

Some that I came up with are:

Tokyo Exposure
Beyond Tokyo
Tappuri Tokyo
Edo perspective
20 May 2010 @ 02:58 pm
So I need to do something that makes me feel better instead of being stressed out abou my school and them screwing me over. While I still plan on putting up my photos up on facebook, I think I will start a separate blog for detail descriptions of the trips/activities/sites. Nowadays trying just to make a minor description on a picture in albums takes far too long on my computer. It is also will be there to help my relatives who don't have any exposure to Japan know what the hell I am talking about since my family only told me after I got back that they didn't.

So I need to figure out a name for it and that's where you all come in I'm going to be using Live Journal since I am familiar with it. The only titles I can think of are 日本の冒険-Nihon no bouken (Japan adventures) or 東京の冒険 Tokyo no bouken (Tokyo adventures) which aren't all that creative. I will be going to language school in Tokyo but I will also be independently be doing the course work for Drawing III, Painting II and Photography II. I hope to use the work that I do in my senior show sometime in spring of 2011. If you guys have any ideas it would be helpful since I can't really think of anything.

Also I was thinking that before I left I should talk about some of the past trips or experiences I had while I was at NUFS. Which ones should I talk about? I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Gujo Hachiman, Iago, Fukui, Hiroshima, Osaka, and Himeji. What experiences do you think others should or want to know about culture wise or just in general?

Also anyone have suggestions of places to photograph when I arrive in Tokyo? I'll be there from June 24th to sometime around Jan 6th. I need something to destress myslef.
20 May 2010 @ 01:51 pm
Just when I thought everything would be fine and I'd have no more worries about Japan and finances my school decides to be a dick and take shit away. God you stupid fuckers just give me my money and let it be.
05 May 2010 @ 01:42 pm
Is it really such a horrible thing to charge family and friends for art work they want me to do for them or want to buy? Apparently my mother thinks so which is getting pretty annoying.

She got mad when I mentioned that if Brad wants me to also do a full fledged line work mock up of the tattoo that he asked me to make a rough sketch of I would request that he pay me for it. Considering it is my time, effort and supplies that go into creating it and even then I would just have him give me 20 to 30 dollars enough for groceries or gas. When in reality doesn't cost a couple hundred for a commisioned tattoo to begin with?

Then Kelly wants me to paint her six pictures consisting of 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small canvases based off a set of greeting cards originally done in watercolor. I priced them based on the picture details and what size of canvas they were meant to be on. The total for all six to be done would only equal about 250 dollars. That’s cheap, that is how much I tried to sell my 28 x 32 inch fully framed photo of the Sumida river that was in two Art shows. Kelly and Brad’s stuff is commissions not charity work. How else can I make money before going to Japan if not by sellign the mass amount of work that is in my room?

They approached me I didn’t offer to do it for them, there is a difference and it will make me feel better if my mother would just let me sell stuff cause as it turns out tfamily and friends are the only people buying.
22 April 2010 @ 08:20 pm
So the dog sitting has begun and so far so good though the girl dog will bark at me if a walk into the room from another place.

In ohter dog news, Kerry and Derek will be getting a havanese puppy who will be named Wicket. It's nice having a fellow fandom geek for a brother-in-law. Here is a video of the type of puppy they will get. I most likely will see pictures on sunday when we take the cousins to penguin park.

17 April 2010 @ 07:28 pm
So I can't wait until school is over, I'm just so tired of working on things that I am not interested in doing. I have one final project in Drawing then it's just drawing the models but the last project Donna set up for 3D I really don't want to do. We have to make a shelter out of things found in the dumpsters only on campus, also it is a team project that Donna picked the teams for which sucks. One of my team members told me that the majority of the stuff to work with is cardboard with some odds and ends. This shelter has to look nice inside and outside plus fit a person inside of it how are we going to be able to make a shelter if all we have to work with is shit to begin with. Oh but actually all Interior design stundents stole the cardboard so what the hell am I to use to build the supports for a shelter. I literally hope that on the one day when we have construct it that it is severe weather, and i mean severe, rain, hail, wind and lightining that way we all get A's.

I am happy with ceramics now everything just needs to get bisque fired then glazed then fired again. Although I now have to acrylic paint my peacock cause it is in 3 pieces and it won't be able to go in the kiln so that is a second thing to paint. Photography I have to present about a photographer then spend more money on mounting and matting 10 of my best photos which hurts my bank account.

Which is why I am dog sitting for my chiropractor, which says something because I am not a dog person ask anyone who knows me. But when your poor...dislike doesn't matter. So I have to stay at his house for six days cause the 2 dogs are somewhat high maitinence. But my mom keeps giving me crap about how I need to do a good job cause my chiropractor's wife is my mom's friend. She keeps telling me that I have to be nice to the dogs she makes it sound like I'll kick them or something...yeah I am not a fan of dogs but all I do is ignore them mainly cause they are trying to jump on me I am not a cruel person. But really people anyone and everyone acts differently when you are working cause you are getting paid. Really mom, really.

Anyway even though I wanted to do my work this weekend I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection, so I feel like crap which makes productivity go down to zero. It also means postponing taking Sydney and Kale to the park to next sunday since if it isn't a sinus infection I don't want them to get it. So wish me health and productivity so I can get shit done.
03 April 2010 @ 07:44 pm

When Ami, Akane and me went to the theater we saw just the end of this trailer so we didn't get the full cutness factor. I don't think I will be able to resist seeing this cause of the cuteness. I adore the opening with the babies form Namibia they're so cute, plus you get a baby from Tokyo too. So watch the preview and squee.
23 March 2010 @ 11:32 pm
I was thinking of starting a travel photoblog for my upcoming time in Japan that would explain my travels a bit more as compared to last time. Since apparently even though I emailed my family all my entries minus certain portions on occasion and told them to ask questions if they didn't know what I was talking about but they didn't then asked me about it when I returned. So what site should I use? LJ? Or somewhere else? And should I go through my past travels and explain some of my trips and experiences as practice and as a procrastination tool? What do you all think?
19 March 2010 @ 05:32 pm
Yeah, so I entered the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s Undergraduate College Student Exhibition 2010 on a whim because Donna wanted some of her students to enter and plus it was free to enter. I sent in three photos from my time in Japan...and one actually got accepted 8O . I am slightly amazed cause I really didn't think I had a chance of being accepted and not only that, I apparently am the only one from Park that got in which is even more surprising considering people like Sarah, who does awesome glass work jewelery pieces, didn't get in. Though I am sort of glad I beat Libby cause she is kind of a snob, in my opinion. This is the picture that was invited but this is it before I did some fine touching so that the buildings aren't so blurry so this is the original.

It still seems kinda unreal that I will have something showing in this exhibition cause this one is gonna get a lot more publicity as compared to the Cafe Cedar show, this show gets articles in the KC Star and Donna is going to see if she can get some publicity for it around Park too. It's slightly frightening cause I like my work but to be shown with other artist whose work I'm pretty sure will outclass mine since I consider myself a somewhat mediocre artist.

So far since going to Park I have done two panels on a communial piece that is displayed on campus, had work displayed in the lobby of the theatre for one of their openings, the Cafe Cedar show, I've been told they used a picture of my expand the volume of your head project to promote 3D and just Tuesday my ceramics teacher told me she wants to display one of my pots in a show this spring in the library. I'm not entirely sure what to think of all of this exposure of my work but I am happy it is happening.
08 March 2010 @ 10:37 pm
So apparently one of the reasons my family hasn't seen Andy and his family in a while is because Kim was pregnant and when she had the baby in February they gave it up for adoption. I am not sure how I feel about it but first off if they don't want more kids then you should A: get surgery to fix the problem B:Use birth control correctly. At least this time they made the right decision in giving up a child they couldn't afford to take care of, which they were going to do with their youngest son, Randy, but he was born around the time my Aunt killed herself so they ended up keeping him. *sigh* I think the biggest thing is that they didn't tell anyone and wouldn't have if Kim hadn't ran into Lacy while she was showing which is just either really dumb or insulting to the rest of the family.
05 March 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Toady is the start of my spring break which will last until the 15th. You have no idea how much I needed a break, especially considering the last two days. I hope to work on my ceramics projects, though all they need is some finishing with their presentation. Hopefully I can start work on the painting my aunt wanted as well as Kelly's paintings because she'll be bringing up the canvases for me to work on. No such luck on Kerry's though.

Next friday is my birthday and all I really want is money to pay off my normal expenses, like gas, food and art supplies. But I did ask my sisters that if they wanted to get me something I need socks or a gift certificate to VS. Also lucky for me I don't need to buy new headphones like I thought I would, I just need to get a new extension for them. The only thing I have planned is this Sunday going to my grandmother's then next Saturday eating with my parents at Outback steakhouse and that's it though I may wander out to do photography assignments. Plus I need to look up how to make pop ups since that is the next 3D project, that we really only have one class day to work on.

In other news I totally called America's Best Dance Crew's annual artist challenge to be Lady Gaga. If you want to take a look at the episode here is the link to the site.

30 January 2010 @ 06:21 pm
So long time no hear from huh? These past three weeks has been me getting up, going to school and getting my work done. It hasn't been that long and I already want to have a break just to sleep and rest. But I'll take it just one day at a time just trying to get through everything for school and keep my sanity in the process.

So far my classes are going well in Drawing II we've had models of both genders but it has mainly been this guy Mark. The only problem with Mark is that he does the same poses over and over again. Plus he shakes, I like the female model Lynette much better since she has better poses maybe because she is older so she knows what she is doing. Just so you know by older I mean 50 at least Mark is most likely in his 40s. The other thing that is somewhat bothersome is that we have to do a landscape which would be fine but we have to use views from the windows of Alumni Hall. The views are mainly of buildings, which we can't have too much of, or branches not very appealing if I say so myself.

3D is alright but after being in the same room for three hours already makes it hard to want to stay another three. Luckily Marietta and April are in that class with me so I can hang out with them when I end up taking a break for a bit. We ended up making this sort of grab bag sculpture where we had to use everything we were given no more no less. Some of the stuff we used were 2 pipe cleaners, 2 straws, 3 Popsicle sticks, etc. Now we have to make a bigger sculpture of the grab bag or of an inspired version. I'm not too excited about mine but as Tim Gunn says I'll 'Make it work'.

Ceramics is alright but the teacher treats us like 5th graders who have never taken a ceramics class before. We started with pinch pots, so you take a ball of clay and pinch out a form. I have two that in the end will be a Crab Ragoon and a Dim sum. Then we made stamps and now I am working on a box that looks like a wicker basket filled with flowers (which I am still working on). Next is a coiled and slab pot with handles and a lid which is going to be a pain. Hopefully soon she'll fire everything so that we can get started on glazing.

Photography is okay so far Mr. Hamilton pushed back the due date for our first assignment which means more time to find a good landscape to take a photo of. I have to have a stop action, blur action, narrow depth of field and wide depth of field shot. I have two out of the four figured out and done, I know what I want to do for stop action but really the wide depth of field is the one that is giving me problems. There aren't any good landscape views around here in the winter. Also does anyone have photoshop CD that I could borrow? If not I may sign up with Adobe in order to get a trial version of Adobe lightroom so I have better control of changing my photos to black n' white. Here is a link to some of the photos so far.

Online class is alright went to the Nelson today to take pictures of some pieces so that I can write my 5-7 page paper about. I am leaning more towards Caravaggio's John the Baptist as of right now, since when my teacher told people while she was in Italy that the Nelson had a Caravaggio they didn't believe her then when she gave them proof they were astounded that the Nelson had it. It is one of two paintings that if the Nelson sold they could use the money to build a whole new building to the museum. I was disappointed that the Chinese temple and the Ancient exhibits were still under construction.

Well in other news I am going to study abroad again, this time in Tokyo with KCP International Language Institute. It'll be from July to December but I'll stay until January that way plane tickets are cheaper. I just sent out the second round of forms to the school and I am still working on getting together everything for some scholarships. Hopefully I get them which brings me to something else I was told by my Study Abroad coordinator to have lots of people look at my essay to get opinions. It has to be 500 words max and it is at 474 right now. Thanks for your help guys!
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